When it comes to turning memories into photos, those are the moments I capture.
I am a videographer, photographer, and digital media editor from the greater Pittsburgh area. I found my love for video production at a young age when I realized that I could combine my passion for music and love for storytelling. I do everything possible to perfect each project I work on so you have physical memories you can cherish forever.

Equally, I have a strong love for photography and capturing moments for my clients to look back on with a smile. I have a passion for traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. I can see myself working in a number of different settings as long as I am able to use my creativity and my camera.

Whether it be your wedding video, capturing that perfect “I said YES” moment on camera, taking portraits of your beautiful and individualistic self to embrace the essence of you, or finally getting those family pictures you’ve been dreaming of. I can work with individuals of all ages and styles and am open to any new challenges and ideas.
Email me to book your next session!

-Sincerely, Emma Federkeil
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