2022 Ace Axe Throwing U.S. Championship
I created this video to promote the Ace Axe Throwing National Championship of 2022. I shot most of the footage, while also using footage from the previous year of the competition and I was the editor on this project. 
International Media Course
I created this video for my practicum for the International Media Course at Point Park University. I conducted interviews with past students and professors about their experiences in the class and their travels. I wanted to be able to help other students that might be interested in taking it to understand how great it is, as I have taken it twice, myself. The video was produced, shot, and edited by me. 
Four Chord Music Festival
In the fall of 2018, I produced, wrote, shot and edited this video press kit for an annual,  local, pop punk Pittsburgh music festival, Four Chord. I conducted interviews with those closest to the operations of the festival and covered all the hard work, time and effort that goes into putting on a yearly event of this scale. 
High Italy - Fabiolous Cooking Day
To date, this is the most fun that I've ever had shooting a video. This video was shot in Rome, Italy at an apartment that used to belong to the great, Marlon Brando. Food is one of my biggest passions, and pasta just so happens to be my favorite food, so naturally this was a video made in heaven. I shot and edited this project for a travel company based in Italy to use for marketing purposes.
Adopt Don't Shop - PSA
This PSA was written, shot, edited, and produced by me in 2018. It was created to persuade viewers to adopt an animal from an animal shelter rather than purchasing a pet to give shelter pets a shot at 'hope'. 
Will & Nicole Wedding Day
Will and Nicole's wedding video is still to date, one of my favorite video projects that I have had the pleasure of creating. I love shooting weddings because it gives me the opportunity to capture the genuine emotion that I adore. It was a special piece for these two to remember their special day for the rest of their lives. 
Pittsburgh Food Tour
This travel video was made for the foodies of Pittsburgh who may be missing out on the restaurants (that I believe) are the most underrated places in the city of Pittsburgh. This is another self-contained video that I wrote, produced, shot and edited. 
PTSD - Short Film
This short film came from a great team of filmmakers, including myself in 2017. It follows the main character as he deals with the troubles that come from post- traumatic stress disorder. My role of this film was directing, producing, shooting and editing. 
Pittsburgh: An Irish Gathering
I was asked by the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh to create a video that would spread the word about this event, Pittsburgh: An Irish Gathering. The event's purpose was to bring the Irish community of Pittsburgh together, under one roof. I worked with this organization to develop the concept of the video and for the script. They also shared some of the footage of the events that had taken place in the past. I shot, edited, and created the motion graphics of the rest of this project. 
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